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Your heating system is among the most critical components in your home. Don't get left in the cold by putting off your HVAC services until something goes wrong. We are a reliable company that can provide you with regular service and quick advice during emergencies. Milford Plumbing & Heating is a top choice for heating in all of New Hampshire.  Our experienced personnel provide fastidious care to ensure your heating repairs and maintenance are taken care of properly. We'll do our best to find a solution to your heating problem that is affordable, so you can go back to your daily life without worrying about heat in your home.
When necessary, we will guide you in selecting the optimal mechanicals for your home, if you need to replace any equipment or buy all of your mechanicals for new construction. We are skilled in furnace and boiler installation and heat pump installation.
Water heater service and installation is also among our specialties. We are a full service HVAC maintenance company, in addition to providing plumbing expertise for drain and sewer needs. 
If you have a problem with heating in your home, be sure to call our experienced team first. We'll help you assess your needs and provide you with sound guidance. Many of our customers return to us repeatedly for service over the years. Our new customers warm up to us in no time. Give us a call.

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